In Conversation: Nagle and Sisters

In Conversation: Nagle and Sisters


Keep the ones you love close. Our next brand interview is especially close to home, with our very own team member Chloé, and her minimalist, handcrafted jewellery brand, Nagle and Sisters. Along with her two sisters, Dominique and Sophie, the brand designs clean and feminine yet powerful pieces of jewellery you never want to take off. We are in love with the brand and their sell out designs, so we thought we’d share that love with this year’s upcoming Valentines in mind.

Their respective backgrounds in Jewellery Design, Womenswear Fashion Design and Digital Marketing, along with their strong taste and relationship, provided an ideal balance when starting the brand. Taking time to grow their business organically, Nagle and Sisters began based on a desire to create jewellery that they themselves would want, and that they could actually buy. Doing just that, the brand has created an evolving collection of covetable, minimal pieces, made to be layered or stacked together, at an affordable price point.

Balancing rough, hand made textures with clean and graphical designs, each piece manages to strike the tricky balance of minimal and artisanal. Their brand hits the sweet spot in a saturated market, remaining honest and approachable, with some seriously pretty marketing (Pantone 169 peach hues a plenty!). Planning on growing through collaborations in the next year, and pushing towards sustainability by introducing recycled gold and other considered materials, Nagle and Sisters has become a quietly powerful brand that we love to wear.


‘We love jewellery! We always have, we grew up fascinated with our mother’s collection and have always drawn inspiration from her pieces. History is everything in our family, and the stories that come along with it. But jewellery is a significant part of so many memories, for every family. When it is given as a gift it is so very precious and particularly intimate. You wear it against your skin, it becomes part of your everyday.

When starting Nagle and Sisters, we didn’t want to rush anything so we took our time compiling everything we loved, working and designing organically. By knowing the industry so well, we knew we wanted to have a clear identity from the offset. We collected so many images for mood boards and discovered we were drawn to ancient pieces of jewellery from different cultures. We wanted our own pieces to look and feel treasured and loved. Something that has survived the elements to be worn over and over again.

When designing we start off with a lot of sketches and then start manipulating and pushing materials. The pieces come alive after a lot of ‘playing’ and adjusting. Finally, we always wear our new designs everyday for a month or two to test them out. Dominique designed our iconic Everyday Staple Earrings, and we knew we had something! After that we just couldn’t hold back, we were so inspired with the piece’s simplicity that the collection just flowed. Our materials are really important as they often form the basis of most of the production process. We love the texture and versatility brass gives, etching into it to give it a bit more depth. We also work with silver and gold but will be introducing a lot more of it in our upcoming collection. 

As with all contemporary design, in any discipline, the designer needs to be so aware of the effects that their products have on the world; during the production and after. We try and work as ethically as possible, making everything in our East London workshop where we are able to control so much of the processes, from minimising material waste and recycling, to the packaging we use. We are so proud to be working as three women, we encourage and inspire each other. Women in business!’


Do you have any daily rituals?

D: Coffee on waking and reading before sleeping
S: I’d like to say I do some yoga postures and deep breathing but alas, I have yet to make the time for that. What always stands is some serious reading time with my children
C: Breakfast always! All meals really, I feel I’ve been cheated if I miss one.

Tell us about your neighborhood.

D: I live in Walthamstow and love it. The feeling of community is something I hadn’t experienced anywhere I’d lived before. 
S: I just moved from Montreal to Hamilton in Canada. I’m enjoying the mix in cultures, countries and backgrounds of our neighbourhood. And that people here smile and say hello to each other when passing on the street. So friendly!
C: I’m back in Brighton after 10 years in London. It’s lovely, this past year has been so great. Love being so close to the sea.

What has been your best travel experience to date? 

C: Driving across Sweden
D: Everything about Morocco
S: Naples and the Amalfi coast

If you could lend one book you have read to us, what would it be?

D: One Hundred Years of Solitude- Gabriel García Márquez 
S: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving 
C: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It’s massive! 

What or who do you believe in?

D: Love. Love for others and love for myself 
S: Kindness
C: Love as well, but also being yourself no matter what

What is the best advice you have ever received?

C: Measure twice, cut once. Can be a life metaphor... not just practical!

Words by Rebecca Field. Shop our pick of Nagle and Sisters online and in store.

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