Mat Buckets' Summer Edit

Mat Buckets' Summer Edit

What are your favourite pieces to wear in the Summer?

I'm definitely a shorts guy - as soon as it tips over 16/17 degrees trousers don't even get a look in. I've also loved open collar shirts for as long as I can remember - I take a keen interest in 50/60s American culture, and for me the shape of an open collar shirt worn with a white tee really does evoke the norm at that time.


Why did you pick these pieces from us?

I tried to choose the items based on fabric, colour and shape, as well as mixing pieces across brands. The Knickerbocker cap was a way to nod my love of Americana, and I've worn Keen every summer since 2017, so that was an easy choice.


Where are your favourite places to travel in the UK?

Any chance I get – under normal circumstances – I'll usually choose Scotland. In fact, the last place I visited for a work trip was Speyside, far up north. The last time I was visiting Edinburgh I went over to see Kestin for coffee; they welcome you like you're part of the family up there.

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