STORY mfg. Sundae Jacket in Fermented Indigo Handloom

by: Story mfg

For the new season, slow made brand Story mfg. pay tribute to our biome, exploring naturally coloured fibres and unisex fits, furthering their ethos for maintaining a more sustainable approach to fashion. The Sundae Jacket is a boxy pleat-front style based on a vintage 1940-50s denim jacket.
  • 100% Copper buttons
  • All-Organic home-grown cotton
  • Hand-spun and hand-woven fabric
  • Naturally dyed with Indigofera Tinctoria

Every STORY mfg. garment is unique as the hand dyeing process creates a range of tones. Items dyed through a fermentation process will carry an odour when new which will dissipate with wear. 

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