In Conversation: I AND ME

In Conversation: I AND ME


Whilst we all love the feeling of newness, we centre our style around our go to foundation pieces. Enter London based denim and lifestyle brand, I AND ME. Set to lay the groundwork for years to come, they value longevity and quality with pieces developed to stand the test of time. They aren’t the first to coin the slow made term but they are wholly committed to it. By breaking the long adhered to cycle of design-to-product-to-store-to-sale, rinse repeat, I AND ME look to shift fashion’s perception of time to something nearer to timelessness.

Producing not only seasonless pieces but also keeping all design genderless, I AND ME are driven by creating clothing that is not dictated to by time or trend. Taking these external pressures off allows them to release product when it’s ready - not when the industry tells them it should be. The result is an obvious authenticity, plus some seriously covetable fabrication (you can’t rush a good thing!) that will last. With a view to move further into a sustainable practice, they already manufacture in small runs so as to minimise wastage and focus on the details. This freedom for collections to ‘move at their own pace’ makes for some considered, cared for designs from wide leg, selvedge denim and chore coats with plenty of simple, loose fit tees to layer everything up. 


‘I AND ME is a seasonless, trendless brand; the exact opposite of what the high street stands for. It was born from the idea of offering a positive alternative to problems I saw in the industry, the fast pace, throwaway cycle feels archaic to me. I want to slow down the fashion industry and shine a bright light on the materials and manpower that go into making each piece. From the start of the design process to the finished product in store; short-shelf-life and hard markdowns are a hugely negative cycle and we’re looking to break that.

Our silhouettes are classic, designed to be staples in every wardrobe, and I am driven by the unique qualities of each fabric I select when shaping a collection. We partner with manufacturers and mills in Japan, Italy, Turkey and the UK who are driven by sustainable and responsible processes. I am drawn to fabric with authentic back stories; Selvedge Denim dyed by the oldest dyeing mill in history, Sakamoto Denim or that woven on original Toyota shuttle looms. This authentic passion for the product is so important to the brand - I design for people who believe in quality and who appreciate beautiful fabrics.  

This collection, Las Casas, was inspired by a trip to the South West states of the US and a handful of contemporary artists who made the desert their home. We grew fascinated by the blurring of domestic and creative space and wanted to create a collection that responded to the needs of life in the desert.’


Tell us about the best decision you have made.

I think starting my own business has been the best and hardest decision of my life. Everyday is a challenge but also very rewarding. Having complete creative control to express myself is such a buzz. I have had to throw myself in the deep end and learn new skills I never imagined possible. Multitasking all the role in the business is just the norm and has proven a great way to build the business up from the start. 

Who are your heroes? 

Currently, Isamu Noguchi and always The Spice Girls.

What’s the most memorable comment, good or bad, you have received about your style?

I was in Marrakesh recently and after deciding against eating in a particular restaurant the waiter shrieked “you’ve got terrible dress sense” at me and my friends. It cut deep. 

What record always makes you get up and dance?

Jimothy Lacoste is on heavy rotation ATM. 

What’s your fashion guilty secret? 

I always wear matching underwear. Always.

If you could lend one book you have read to us, what would it be? 

Patti Smith’s 'Just Kid’s'

What has been your best travel experience to date?

So many good ones. Our month long honeymoon around Japan. The road trip around the South West States of the US. The recent trip to Marrakech with my girlfriends. Travel plays a huge role in my life. 

What is the best advice you have ever received?

‘Waste not want not’ has always stuck with me. It feels particularly relevant right now. 

Words by Rebecca Field. Shop the new in collection from I AND ME online and in store now.

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